PTA Shortcodes

NOTE:  This plugin requires Wordpress 3.9 (or later) to work!

This plugin is hosted on You can install by searching for “PTA Shortcodes” from your “Add New” Plugin page, and then be notified of any future updates (this is rarely updated… only if new shortcodes are introduced). Or click the download button to download from

This plugin adds a PTA shortcode generator to the WordPress page/post visual editor.  Easily insert shortcodes for the PTA plugins, including any accepted arguments.

Currently supports the free PTA Member Directory & Contact Form and the PTA Volunteer Sign-up Sheets plugins, as well as the Groups and Calendar Display extensions for the PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets.

Version 1.2.5 Added shortcode generator for the new shortcode to embed a calendar on any page with the Calendar Extension (version 1.2) for the PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets plugin

Version 1.2.4 adds a bit of text to the Group argument (PTA Volunteer Sign-up Sheets Groups extension) to describe how to add multiple groups to the shortcode.

Version 1.2.2 adds the new “show_time” argument for the PTA Volunteer Sign-Up Sheets plugin.

Version 1.2.1 fixes the shown date format for the sign-up-sheets date argument. Format should be yyyy-mm-dd instead of mm-dd-yyyy

Version 1.2 released May 6, 2014 includes new group argument to support the PTA Volunteer Sign-up Sheets Groups extension.

Version 1.1 released May 3, 2014 includes new arguments for version 1.5 of the PTA Member Directory & Contact Form.

This plugin ONLY works with WordPress 3.9, which now uses the TinyMCE 4 visual editor.  The new version of TinyMCE makes it MUCH easier to add editor plugins, and, as a result, this new plugin is much smaller and simpler.  This plugin will NOT work with earlier versions of WordPress.