Subsidized Development

Is there a feature missing from one of my plugins that you absolutely can’t do without? 
Is it something that would benefit other users of the plugin and can be made generic enough to be useful on a variety of sites?
Do you have a limited budget to spend on development?

If so, then feel free to contact me to discuss the option of “subsidized” development.

Many of the features of my plugins, as well as several of the plugin extensions themselves, were a result of subsidized development.

If you have a feature that you need soon, and don’t want to add it to the long list of feature requests and hope that I someday decide to add it, and you have an appropriate budget to work with, then we can discuss what I call “subsidized” development. All that means is that I will agree to incorporate your feature into my plugin (or as an add-on plugin) at a rate that is greatly reduced from my normal hourly custom development rate, and will move it to the top of my priority list.

There are quite a few conditions that need to be met, though, before I will agree to do this, as it has to be something that I think has enough value to other customers to generate enough extra sales to make up the cost of my development time. It also must be generic enough to be useful to many customers who use my plugins in different ways, without adding lots of bloat or slowing down the user’s site too much, as well as something that can be added on (and enabled/disabled) without changing the existing functionality or breaking things for current users of my plugins.

If you think you have a qualifying feature that you need implemented, and you have the budget, feel free to contact me to discuss it further.