PTA Member Directory & Contact Form documentation

Getting Started

If you haven’t already done so, you need to install the PTA Member Directory & Contact Form plugin on your WordPress site.

Once you have the plugin installed, you need to set up some Positions and create some Members for your directory. You do this from the Member Directory section of your WordPress Admin. Members are a custom post type, and positions are custom taxonomies. You can set up the positions ahead of time by clicking on “Positions” under the Member Directory menu and entering Positions as you would any other custom post type taxonomy (category), or you can create new positions on the New Member screen as you add a new member. As you add a new member to the directory, you can select existing positions with the check boxes, or add a new position by typing in the name of the position.

Phone numbers and emails are optional, but please note that members without a valid email address will NOT show up in the Contact Form and there will be no “Send A Message” link for them in the directory.  Also note that the directory is sorted by Positions, and if a Member doesn’t have at least one position they will NOT show up in the directory. You may need to create a generic position, such as “general member”, to assign members that don’t have any other official position so that they will show up in the directory.

The directory is displayed by Positions. To change the order of the positions displayed in the directory, use the Sort Positions page to drag and drop the positions into the order you want them displayed. If there is more than one member for a position, the members will be sorted by the directory’s best guess at the last name for the member.

Built-in Help

There is extensive help already built into the plugin. From any of the Member Directory admin pages, just click the drop-down help box at the upper right of the screen to view the plugin help, which has been organized into multiple categories to quickly find what you need. Many of the extensions for the plugin will also add their own help section to the plugin.