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WooCommerce User Role Minimums

WooCommerce User Role Minimums lets you set up multiple levels of product and order minimums and assign them based on user role, or even by individual user. Product level minimum quantities, maximum quantities, and quantity steps can be defined for each product and product variation. Overall order minimum quantities and order minimum amounts can also be defined. Any number of product or order minimums can be defined, each with a unique name for your own reference, and then assigned in any combination to roles or individual users.

See the WooCommerce User Role Minimums extension page for more info and screen shots.

Try before you buy on your own personal demo site.

WooCommerce User and Role based PricingWooCommerce User Role Pricing

This WooCommerce extension allows you to create any number of custom price fields for WooCommerce products, and then select which price to use as a base price, along with a price multiplier, for each role or individual user. Individual user settings take priority over user role settings. If there are no settings for a specific user, that user gets the settings for their role. The plugin also allows you to create as many custom roles as you need.

Additional settings for each role & user include: tax/vat exempt, disable shipping, billing account, and whether or not to treat the role/user as wholesale (when integrated with the WooCommerce Wholesale Ordering plugin).

See the Woocommerce User Role Pricing extension page for more info and screen shots.

Try before you buy on your own personal demo site.

Woocommerce Wholesale Ordering
Woocommerce Wholesale Ordering

Originally developed for my wife’s web site, this extension for Woocommerce allows you to set up separate wholesale prices for each product & variation in your Woocommerce shop.

With this extension for Woocommerce, you can create Wholesale Customer user accounts that allow those users to see and order at wholesale prices. Easily filter orders in the admin dashboard by Wholesale or Retail orders. Many features and configuration options, including: customizable wholesale messages, custom wholesale price text, options for bypassing payment, shipping, and sales tax for wholesale customers, and much more!

See the Woocommerce Wholesale Ordering extension page for more info and screen shots.

Try before you buy on your own personal demo site.

Woocommerce Pre-Order MessagesWoocommerce Pre-Order Messages

This extension for Woocommerce lets you add pre-order messages to your Woocommerce shop.

You can define two sets of 3 separate pre-order messages: One that will appear on the main shop page, or alternately only for a specific shop category. Another one that appears on individual product pages for any products that you set to pre-order status (pre-order checkbox on the Edit Product page). Final message is for the checkout page.  Each of these 3 pre-order messages can be turned on or off individually. Globally you can define custom colors and CSS for the custom pre-order boxes, OR you can have them show in the Woocommerce notice style boxes. If you use the custom boxes, the shoppers can click the little “X” in the upper right corner to close the message box. HTML is allowed in the custom messages, and class names are shown for each message if you want to target them with custom scripts or CSS. Newest update gives you two sets pre-order messages, with flexible options as to which messages will appear where.

Since you can define the text that appears everywhere on the public side, these messages can be used for other purposes as well. They are not limited to being used for pre-orders. If you have special conditions or notices that need to be shown for multiple products, or specific product categories, you can use this plugin to show the messages without having to enter them in the product description for each product. With a little imagination, I’m certain you could figure out many uses for this plugin.

See the Woocommerce Pre-Order Messages extension page for more info and screen shots.

Volunteer Sign Up Sheets

The Volunteer Sign-up Sheets plugin is the second WordPress plugin I released through WordPress.org. It is the second part of the much larger collection of plugins I developed for my son’s grade school PTA web site. Like the Member Directory plugin, the Volunteer Sign-up Sheets plugin is useful for much more than school organizations. I have also altered it to be a bit more multipurpose, and included plenty of options. Extensions are now available for it as well.

Volunteer Sign Up Sheets Automated and Conditional EmailsVolunteer Sign Up Sheets Automated and Conditional Emails

This plugin allows you to set up triggers and conditions to automatically send out common emails for your Volunteer Sign Up Sheets. The Automated Email Triggers can be used to do things such as sending out a weekly summary of upcoming events, sending out emails a certain number of days before an event if there are still spots left to fill, sending out thank you emails a specified number of days after an event ends, sending out notifications when a new event is added, and much more.

Volunteer Sign Up Sheets Calendar DisplayVolunteer Sign Up Sheets Calendar Display

Flexible Calendar view display for your sign up sheets. Create multiple calendars with different view settings. Sign-up directly from calendar, or link back to the main task list. Show as much or as little info on the calendars as you want.

Volunteer Sign Up Sheets CustomizerVolunteer Sign Up Sheets Customizer

This plugin adds a “Customizer” sub-menu page to the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheets section of your WordPress dashboard. The Customizer allows you to easily modify all public side text, and also gives you much more control over your sheet and tasks/signups list tables. You can create your own custom styling without having to mess around with CSS directly. You can also create your own custom layout templates where you can choose the columns that will appear, in the order that you want them to appear (and change the headers), as well as choose from 3 different table layouts and whether or not to use DataTables to display the tables. These layout templates can be assigned on a per sheet basis.

Volunteer Sign Up Sheets GroupsVolunteer Sign Up Sheet Groups

Assign your Volunteer Sign Up Sheets to groups or categories, and then display a separate sign-up sheet list for each group. Sheets can be assigned to any group, or they can be assigned to “None” or “All” groups. Import BuddyPress groups, or groups from the WP Groups plugin, into your groups list, or create your own groups.

Volunteer Sign Up Sheets Custom FieldsVolunteer Sign Up Sheets Custom Fields

This plugin lets you set up and define any number of custom fields for the Volunteer Sign Up Sheets plugin. The fields can be used for Sheets, Tasks, or Signup Templates. When used in sheets and/or tasks, those fields can be used by the admin, or signup sheet manager, to add additional info to sheets and/or tasks, that will be shown in the associated tables to the public. When used for Signups, the custom fields will be added to the signup form when a user signs up for a task/item, and that info can be optionally shown in a custom column in the tasks/signup list table.

Member Directory & Contact Form

The Member Directory & Contact Form plugin is the first WordPress plugin I released through WordPress.org. It is part of a much larger collection of plugins I developed for my son’s grade school PTA web site.  However, it’s useful for much more than school organizations, so I altered it to be a bit more multipurpose, and included lots of options. I didn’t want it to become too bloated, or too complicated with too many options, or by trying to implement all the feature requests. So, I made it extensible and decided to create a variety of add-on extensions, some free, and some paid, so web designers can pick and choose only what they need.

Member Directory DataTables Extension

Transforms your Member Directory Tables into modern jQuery DataTables based tables. Adds pagination, live search filtering, sort-able columns, multiple jQuery UI themes, and responsive capability to your directory table.

PTA Member Directory Gravity Forms ExtensionMember Directory Gravity Forms Extension

Integrate the powerful Gravity Forms with the Member Directory plugin. This extension for the Member Directory & Contact Form plugin allows you to replace the contact form with your own custom contact form that you create with Gravity Forms. This extension will populate a Recipient drop down select box as well as a hidden ID field on your custom Gravity Forms contact form. Sample Gravity Forms contact form included for easy import and customization with Gravity Forms.

PTA Member Directory Custom FieldsMember Directory Custom Fields

This extension for the Member Directory & Contact Form plugin let’s you create as many custom fields as you want for your directory, and to specify their position in the directory. Easily add additional text fields, text areas, links, or files to the directory listing for each member.

Customizer extension for the PTA Member Directory & Contact Form pluginMember Directory Customizer

This is the first released premium extension for the Member Directory & Contact Form plugin.  It allows you to easily change any public side text in the member directory or contact form. If you don’t like the wording I used in the directory or contact form, and you don’t want to mess around with translation files or writing custom code to hook into the output filters I created, then this plugin makes it VERY simple.

Member Directory Descriptions

This extension for the Member Directory & Contact Form plugin let’s you display the descriptions for your directory Positions either as a new column in the member directory table, or as a pop-up dialog box.

SSP Stacktables – FREE

This is a very simple plugin that enqueues the Stacktables jQuery plugin from John Polacek for use on your public facing WordPress pages. What this plugin will do is convert a table to only 2 columns, and stack other columns as extra data rows, but only for small screen sizes.  For larger screens, the tables are left in their original format.

PTA ShortcodesPTA Shortcodes – FREE

This plugin is now also hosted on WordPress.org. You can install by searching for “PTA Shortcodes” from your “Add New” Plugin page, and then be notified of any future updates.

This plugin adds a PTA shortcode generator to the updated WordPress 3.9 text editor. Allows you to quickly insert shortcodes with the proper syntax for the PTA Member Directory & Contact Form plugin, as well as specify arguments for Position or Location. Also supports the PTA Vounteer Sign- Up Sheets plugin.  Does NOT work with WordPress versions earlier than 3.9!


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WordPress Plugin Customization and Development

If you need some special customization of any of my plugins, or even a plugin from another party, or if you want to discuss development of a custom plugin to fit your needs, please Contact Me! I am available for hire for custom WordPress plugin programming and development.

WooCommerce Extensions:

I’ve developed a WooCommerce Wholesale Ordering extension, and a WooCommerce Pre-Order extension for my wife’s Cashmere site.  They are both available now in the Extensions category.

I have spent a LOT of time combing through Woocommerce to develop the extensions for my wife’s site, as well as my son’s school PTA web site, and several large scale custom jobs. So if you are in need of a custom extension or modification for Woocommerce, I can probably help you out. Please contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

I have recently started my series of User Role plugins, which allows you to set things in WooCommerce on a role or individual user basis. The first two plugins in this series are WooCommerce User Role Pricing and WooCommerce User Role Minimums.

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