A bundle of my 3 most popular extensions for WooCommerce, at a special discounted price. This bundle includes: WooCommerce Wholesale Ordering WooCommerce User Role Pricing WooCommerce User Role Minimums Try all 3 plugins out at…

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Starting at: $129.95

This is an extension for the PTA Member Directory & Contact Form plugin.  It REQUIRES version 1.6.8 or later of the PTA Member Directory & Contact Form plugin. This extension loads the jQuery dataTables script…

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Starting at: $19.95

Role and User based Minimums for WooCommerce Requires WooCommerce version 6.0 or higher WooCommerce User Role Minimums lets you set up multiple levels of product and order minimums and assign them based on user role,…

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Starting at: $59.99

WooCommerce Wholesale Ordering + User Role Pricing bundle Save when you purchase both together! WooCommerce Wholesale Ordering and WooCommerce User Role Pricing were made for each other! Try before you buy on your own personal…

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Starting at: $99.95

This WooCommerce extension allows you to create any number of custom price fields for WooCommerce products, and then select which price to use as a base price, along with a price multiplier, for each role or individual user. Individual user settings take priority over user role settings. If there are no settings for a specific user, that user gets the settings for their role. The plugin also allows you to create as many custom roles as you need.

Starting at: $59.95

This is a very simple plugin that enqueues the Stacktables jQuery plugin from John Polacek for use on your public facing Wordpress pages.

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Set up separate wholesale prices for products in your Woocommerce shop, and create Wholesale Customer accounts that can see and order at wholesale prices.

Starting at: $79.95

Easily modify any of the public side text output by the PTA Volunteer Sign-Up Sheets plugin.

Starting at: $19.95

Add customizable Pre-Order messages to Woocommerce. Separate custom pre-order messages for shop/category, product, and checkout pages, plus custom text appended to pre-order item titles for cart, checkout, and order screens.

Starting at: $39.95

Create Groups, or Categories, for your PTA Volunteer Sign-up Sheets. Show different Volunteer lists for each group, and also create sheets that will appear in all groups or no groups.

Starting at: $34.95