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      Sune Scherfig

      Sorry if this is already possible – I tried to find a SEARCH filed in thi forum, but didn’t found it.

      TASKS: Some times (actually every time) I need to deactivate a task, but wish to have it ready to activate.
      It is for example when a task is a Nice to have, but not Needed, and if all other tasks are signed up, then the Nice-to-have ones can be quickly activated.

      I TRIED to enter 0 in number for wanted volunteers, but – as documented – this is replaced with number 1.
      I also tried to enter -1, but this is not allowed: “Numbers only for qty please!”

      1. a new field for Active / Not-Active (default: Active)
      2. 0 means zero and is not replaced with 1, in the number of volunteers for a task
      (this change may be difficult, as all users are now used to 0 = 1, but MAY be possible if default for that field is 1 (instead of 0).
      3. A work-around, where -1 (or other special number) means “none”


      PS. I ALSO use to DUPLICATE Sheets, having a “template”-sheet with all Task possible,
      and on the duplicate I disable the tasks not needed in the actual sheet.
      For example some times volunteers need for a bar and other times there are no bar.
      (this is fine now, as I can delete task, that are not needed – and if I duplicate from a “template” sheet, and not from just the previous sheet.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      You can always add a new task to an existing sheet at any time. So, when your other tasks get filled up, you can just add a new task. Note that you can also increase the quantity for existing tasks at any time as well, so there is no need to create a new task just because one got filled. But, if you do want to create a new task, that’s easy to do at any time. It would be the same as “activating” a task… your visitors won’t see the tasks until you create it, and it doesn’t take very long at all to create a new task.

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