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      Jennifer Rubens

      Is it possible to edit the end date of multiday events? We are using this plugin to get parents to sign up to accompany our scout troop on camping trips. Ideally, each parent would sign up once for the whole trip. The only way I can figure out how to make the end date accurate is to make each day of the trip a separate task, and have each adult sign up for each day of the trip separately. I’m fine with this, but some of our parents are not tech savvy and will find this confusing. It would be awesome if I could just type in the end date.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Not currently possible the way the database structure is setup.
      See this:

      You would just have to make it clear in the task title, or sheet description (or title), that it’s for a whole week.

      If you set it up as a multi-day event, the start date and end dates should be calculated based on the first and last task dates entered. However, you can “cheat” and edit the pta_sus_sheets database table and change the last_date for the sheet, so at least in the list of sheets it will show the desired end date.

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      John Lee

      I just wanted to mention I have the same issue as you do, and what I found worked best was for any day past the first day, set up one task with only one space to be filled, and then I would fill it, so it was obvious no one needed to sign up for additional days. In some cases I even changed the name of the task to “ignore this field, sign up for the weekend in the spaces above” or something like that.

      If it were possible to create a multi-day event, but have zero tasks for the other days, that would work for me, but right now you need at least one task per day.

      Stephen, amazing plugin! I bought the customizer, and will donate additional money as well, because I appreciate all the work you have put in.


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