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      Camila San Riveros


      I’m very interested in this plugin since the wholesale plugin that I currently use does not allow me to enter b2b orders from the backend. This makes me spend a lot of time considering that some of my clients schedule their orders by phone.

      What interests me about this function is the option to integrate my woocommerce store with Google sheets with integromat or zapier and to be able to generate these orders from Google sheets and not by Woocommerce that loads too slow.
      Does the fact that orders can be generated from the admin ensure that I can import orders with tools with zapier or integromat? or lastly, in the worst case, with a csv file?

      Thanks for your time



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      Stephen Sherrard

      My plugin allows you to create wholesale orders from the backend, through the Orders page using the “New Order” function already built-in to WooCommerce. Through that, you can select the customer, and then the prices will be based on if that customer is wholesale or retail.

      My plugin does NOT, however, offer any kind of order import functions. You could most likely use any CSV Import plugin that imports WooCommerce orders, and then just map the extra meta fields and order terms that my plugin uses to mark it as a wholesale order. Something like WP All Import allows you to map custom meta, but I haven’t tried using it to create orders, so not sure how it would work:

      If you wish to discuss a custom option that would speed up your process and make your life easier, you can email me privately. But, I don’t currently offer any integration with things like Zapier or Integromat or Google Sheets.

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      james Smith

      Nice collection of knowledge

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