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      Ste Anders


      I’ve checked the documentation and tried to find the right place to put this so I’m genuinely sorry if it’s not right.

      I’m using the [pta_user_signups] shortcode to display the dates that a volunteer is signed up on but the Title doesn’t link to the full sheet as it does with the [pta_sign_up_sheet] shortcode.

      Is there any way to open up the full sheet to see the other volunteers from the PTA user signups shortcode on a page?


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      Stephen Sherrard

      Not currently a feature of the plugin. However, unless you specifically disable it, the user signups will also be shown below your main list of sign up sheets on the page where you put the main [pta_sign_up_sheet] shortcode. So, you could just have it all on one page, and they can click the “view and signup” link, or the sheet title, from any of the sheets in the main list.

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      Ste Anders

      Thanks for the prompt response.

      I have a volunteer area with a “summary” of the volunteer’s upcoming dates on the initial page (the user signups shortcode) and then a further link to the full list of sheets (pta signup) with the lists in groups depending on which team they are in.

      I may rethink how it’s set up if it’s currently not available as it’s a lot of clicks to get to the full list of sheets. I highly doubt it’s a new feature high on anyone’s list!

      Thanks again for answering my query,
      Appreciate the time given.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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