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    Ulf Skogeng

    I would like the column size in “Task/Item” field in “Edit Tasks” to be longer. When entering tasks that are more than 19 characters it’s difficult too see the whole task. Suggestion, make it double size.

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    Carl L

    I agree. If you are comfortable editing the code, below is my edit to fix this issue. This modification replaces the input line with a textarea and you should be able to drag the corner to change the size. Be aware that this does not change the database field size.

    The intention of this edit is to provide a larger box for the form manager to compose the
    prompt for the box where details are to be entered during signup.
    Modify form pta-volunteer-sign-up-sheets/classes/class-pta_sus_admin.php
    in the function display_tasks_form
    search for: Details label
    (about 80% through file)
    On the next line, replace:
    ver 2.2.0
    echo ‘<span class=”pta_toggle”><br />’.__(‘Details text:’,’pta_volunteer_sus’).’ <input type=”text” class=”details_text” name=”task_details_text[‘.$i.’]” id=”task_details_text[‘.$i.’]” value=”‘.((isset($f[‘task_details_text’][$i]) ? esc_attr($f[‘task_details_text’][$i]) : __(“Item you are bringing”, “pta_volunteer_sus” ) )).'” size=”25″></span>’;

    echo ‘<span class=”pta_toggle”><br />’.__(‘Details text:’,’pta_volunteer_sus’).’ <textarea class=”details_text” name=”task_details_text[‘.$i.’]” id=”task_details_text[‘.$i.’]” rows=”2″ cols=”50″>’.((isset($f[‘task_details_text’][$i]) ? esc_attr($f[‘task_details_text’][$i]) : __(“Item you are bringing”, “pta_volunteer_sus” ) )).'</textarea></span>’;

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    Stephen Sherrard

    That input is being changed to size=40 in newest release, coming out soon. Moving check boxes down to next line now.

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    Carl L

    Thank you for increasing the size. I prefer a textarea so that the list manager can adjust the field as necessary. The customization shown Oct 1 post still work with ver 2.3.0.

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