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    Jim Hunt

    PTA Volunteer Sign-up Sheets. Creating a weekend of 1/2 hour tasks. At 124 no more tasks are added, we are redirected to the add new sheet page.
    Am I missing something? Can multiple sheets be for the same event?

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    Stephen Sherrard

    This is not the support forum for Sign Up sheets, although many people are trying to turn it into that. Also, this particular issue is a server configuration problem, and has already been brought up and answered on the support forum for this plugin at See my final reply in the thread here:

    I would suggest you change your PHP configuration to allow more PHP max_input_vars, or, as a more simple solution, since this is a weekend thing, make one sheet for Saturday and one for Sunday, thus splitting up the tasks for 2 days. Multiple sheets can be shown on the same page now by using more than one shortcode.

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    Stephen Sherrard

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