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      Hi. This looks to be a good solution for my client. I’m having trouble adding multiple emails to the sheet. It says to separate by commas, and it won’t accept spaces AFTER the comma. If I add Person One,Person Two; and in the email field:,, it doesn’t work. The result is a combination of both names and email links. What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      email addresses can not contain spaces. Separate the emails by commas only (no spaces), and it will work. That simple contact method creates a contact link that shows all the chair names and creates one mailto link to email them all at once. That is the desired functionality that we wanted when we created the the plugin for our PTA, because we want all of the committee chairs to be emailed when someone clicks on the contact link. Otherwise, how do they know which one they should email if they are kept separate?

      If you would rather have them split so that there is a separate mailto link for each name and email (assuming you entered them in the correct order so that they match up), you can put that into the feature request section, but the plugin is currently not set up to work that way. For a more elegant solution, you can download my free PTA Member Directory and Contact form and set up group/chair contacts that way, and then you can specify the group (position) or individual to contact when creating a sheet (they integrate with each other), and that will take you to the contact form with that group/position or individual already pre-selected.

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      Ahh…. right. I wasn’t thinking along those lines, that both emails would be added. I was thinking individually. Got it. Thanks for the quick reply.

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