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      Cyrelle Gerson

      I just upgraded PTA Sign-up to 1.12.4 and just noticed that the summary list of events for which a volunteer has signed up is not showing up at the bottom of the sign-up form list. I think that this feature was included in earlier versions and I’m not sure if I am just looking in the wrong place for it. This was a very useful feature. Am I simply not looking in the right place?

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      Stephen Sherrard

      It shows up at the bottom of the main list of sheets on whatever page you put the main shortcode.

      It’s still working just fine here. There have been no changes to that function.

      Please note, that you need to be logged in to the same account your were logged into when you signed up to see any things you signed up for. Also, it won’t show signups that have already expired.

      If you used the feature, as admin, to do live search and sign up other users, those signups will appear when those users are logged into their account (NOT while you are logged into your admin account).

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      Cyrelle Gerson

      Thank you. Now I understand that I need to have a page that lists all of the sheets, not just one sheet. That fixed it.

      PS – I am writing a blog post on my own website talking about how useful your plug-in is. I greatly appreciate your efforts.

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