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      windows refund


      Displaying phone numbers is an all or nothing thing. It would be really nice to see an update where an admin could specify that authenticated users could see the information while it remains hidden from non-authenticated users.

      Any chance of this happening? I know this is Free Software but I currently lack any php chops. I figure lots of people would enjoy this added ability so figured I’d mention the idea.

      All the best

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Any chance of this happening?

      Currently, it has about as much chance of happening as the chances of any users of the plugin making a support donation, or even leaving a review. Not much encouragement to continue development of these plugins. Sorry! Couldn’t resist that opening! =)

      You certainly have some good ideas, and have posted several feature requests, and I appreciate that. But, as mentioned in replies other feature requests, I simply am not actively adding new features to the free plugins, because it simply isn’t worth my time, and because I’m far too busy supporting the users of my paid plugins, as well as several large custom development jobs.

      Perhaps that will change in the future, and I will add more features to these plugins. However, at my age, and with a family to feed, time is my most valuable commodity, and I’m devoting the majority of that to working on paid projects, or spending quality time with my family. That’s why I have the feature requests section, though, in case I do want to add some highly requested features in the future, or in case another developer wants to contribute and needs ideas for features to add.

      If you are willing to pay me for my time, then I can certainly help you implement those features. Many other developers would be happy to help you as well, as long as you are willing to pay for their time.

      Also, as mentioned before, since this plugin simply creates a custom post type, and stores the data in the regular post meta tables, there are LOTS of ways to access the data and present it in any way that you like. For example, if you are willing to spend some money on a plugin, you could use something like the Types Toolkit:
      That lets you access data from custom post types and create your own “views”. In fact, with that plugin, you can pretty much create most of my Member Directory plugin… I used that plugin a while back to create a Tutor Directory for another client, where Tutors could submit and edit their own listings in the directory (and had to be approved first by admin).
      You may be able to find other plugins, some of which may be free, that allow you to create custom templates or views for custom post type archives and custom posts.

      Sorry to keep repeating myself, and sounding like the grumpy middle aged man that I often am, but hopefully it’s clear why these free plugins are WAY down on my priority list, and probably won’t get any new features any time soon.

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      windows refund

      It’s all good. The real power and benefit of Free Software is every user has the freedom to modify as needed. Although I have no real love for php, I may just bite the bullet and hack on this myself.

      Thanks for the response.

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