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      Stephen Sherrard

      Please do NOT post support questions for the free plugins here!

      Each of those plugins have their own support forum at, and it gets too confusing when support issues for one plugin are scattered across two different forums! Please don’t use the contact form for support of those plugins either!

      It’s bad enough that most people don’t bother to read the documentation or search through the existing support threads for answers to their support questions, but it’s a waste of time for me when I have to search through both forums to find and answer for you to a question that has already been answered.

      I’ve let this go too long, and too many people are using the “General Support” and “Pre Sales Questions” forums as a second support forum for the free PTA plugins, which was never the intention. My time is extremely limited, especially for these free plugins that generate no revenue at all, so from here on out (March 2017), any direct support questions for the free PTA plugins posted here (General Support) will be deleted.

      I do my best to provide the best support I possibly can, but I can also be a cranky old man and don’t like to waste what little time I have left in this world! So, please do your part to make things just a bit easier for me. THANKS! =)


      The exception to the above is Feature Requests. If your “support” question is something like “can the pluging do xxxx”, or “I can’t see how to make the plugin do xxxx”, then FIRST READ THE DOCUMENTATION (see links below or from the main menu on this site). If you do NOT see what you are trying to do listed in the documentation for that plugin, then that means it does NOT currently have that feature, and you can post that as a feature request in the corresponding plugin feature request section of this forum.

      For those too lazy to look it up themselves, here are relevant links which you should check before posting a support topic anywhere:

      PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets:

      Documentation is right here:
      Official support forum is here:

      PTA Member Directory & Contact Form:
      Documentation is right here:
      Official support forum is here:

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