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      Petri de Pita


      I have been asked to do a PTA website.

      One part should be public and another one should be for registered user only.
      Moreover I need to be able to register the parents according to the class their kids are in and then be able to send emails to each parents from the same class.

      Which of your plugins should I use for this ? If none do you know which plugin I should use to get this.

      Thank you in advanced for your answer

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Sorry, but none of my plugins that are publicly released do that.

      The whole reason I got back into programming several years back was to create some custom functionality for my son’s school PTA web site, because I couldn’t find any plugins that did exactly what we needed.

      My PTA Volunteer Sign-up Sheets plugin and the PTA Member Directory & Contact Form plugin, were just two very small parts of a huge “PTA Manager” plugin system that I put together. That huge plugin was never released because a lot of it was hard-coded specifically for the needs of our school. That whole system was something I put together while still learning, and so it was a bit of a mess (code wise), but it worked fine. A little over a year ago I started re-working that huge plugin, starting from scratch with a new PTS (Parent Teacher Student) database framework system, that would be more generic and cover the needs of any school. However, my son graduated from that elementary school, and that school decided to switch to the system. I also got very busy with some large custom programming jobs, and my WooCommerce extensions also started to make some good sales, so that whole PTS system got put aside. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the time to revive that project.

      So, unless you are a programmer, or are willing to pay someone like myself to do some custom programming, you are most likely going to have to hack together several plugins to do what you want. That’s going to mean a lot of time searching online for various components that may work together to get what you need (you’ll have to search for terms related to the functionality you need, rather than things like “PTA”, to find good results).

      There are plenty of plugins out there that will restrict content to logged in users, or specific user roles or groups, so that would be the first place to start.

      Probably the best free plugin for that kind of access control is the Groups plugin:

      That’s the one I would start with, as it’s the most popular and it integrates with many other plugins. Perhaps for that you set up each classroom as a “group”, so that you can easily group parents/teachers/students together, and then search for some plugin that lets you email all members of one of those groups (to handle your email needs).

      For example, they already have a list of extensions available here:
      One of which is “newsletters”, which sounds like it might handle the needs of emailing certain groups.

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      Petri de Pita

      Thank you Stephen,

      I appreciate the time you took to answer.

      I will follow your advice.


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