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      I am desperately looking for a wholesale plug-in. I need it to do the following (preferably):

      That the discounted price SHOWS on the single product page for specific user roles ONLY (i.e. does not show when a guest/non logged in user stumbles onto the site) and not for the discounted price (or fixed preferably) to only show in the cart
      To make at least two rules for all products where a minimum of either 6 or 4 items (per single product) must be placed in the cart
      Would prefer that a RULE system can be enabled to cover specific categories, i.e. all XX = $1.00, all YY = $2.00 etc. However your BULK editing field is a close second for convenience. (I have over a hundred products but with the majority having the same price it would be a lot quicker and easier in bulk).
      To enable certain users roles to bypass the shipping and payment fields (as they will be invoiced directly later).
      I had purchased a very expensive plug in to do all of the above, but in the end it didn’t do the MIN qty requirement only cart based, the rule system NEVER worked no matter how many variations I tried. I know people run wholesale user roles on the woo commerce sites but I am finding it extremely difficult to find plugins that work. Some have free options (with PRO upgrades) but the free never does what I need, and having been burned once now I can’t pay for every option to find out if it works. I know you must be busy but a speedy response would be extremely appreciated.
      Thank you in advance. N

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      One more thing, sorry, does your plug-in allow for certain products to only be seen by logged in Wholesale Buyers? We sell group packs for wholesale only.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      The answer to most of your questions is yes. Please see the docs page for the plugin to get a better feel for how it works:

      The main thing my plugin does NOT do, is create global pricing rules for specific categories. For my plugin, you enter a specific wholesale price for each product. If the product does not have a Wholesale price, you can choose to not show it to wholesale customers (when they are logged into a Wholesale Customer account). As you have mentioned, wholesale prices can be set with quick edit and bulk edit, so that could speed up the process if you have a lot of products.

      Wholesale prices will NOT be shown to the public… only logged in Wholesale Customers will be able to see wholesale prices.

      My plugin will allow you to create a minimum order amount before a wholesale customer can check out, but it is a price total for the cart and not a quantity.

      You can also set it so that wholesale customers do not need to pay at the time of checkout, and you can also disable taxes and shipping calculations for wholesale customers.

      In addition to a wholesale price for each product, there is also a “Wholesale Only” checkbox for each product, which will then hide those products from the public, as well as any person logged into a regular customer account. Only those who have the Wholesale Customer role can see those products.

      If you absolutely need to be able to set the wholesale prices via some sort of formula, instead of manually entering a price per product, and you also need to have minimum quantities for them to be able to order/checkout, you can contact me privately and we can go over everything in more detail, and I can give you a price quote for doing some custom programming to make it work the way you want.

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      I apologize up front for barely understanding wordpress, plugins and extensions.

      I am using the PTA Volunteer sheet and PTA Member Directory and love both features. Is there an extension that allows the Members to update their own information? Did I miss that feature somewhere? Can I purchase something along those lines and what would it cost? Thank you so much

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Hi Lynn,

      Sorry for the delay in responding… the forum is not sending me emails for some reason when a new post is made.

      As far as your question, the short answer is “no”. There is nothing that allows members to edit their own info. That plugin started out as a very simple member directory listing, designed for our PTA manager to quickly add/update all members and positions. The “members” in my plugin are actually a custom post type and are NOT tied to any WordPress user accounts. You could give any user the right capabilities to edit those, but then they would be able to edit ALL members.

      You may be able to find some other plugin at that lets you edit/assign the “author” of each post, and then set each member’s author to the corresponding user, and try to set permissions so that they can edit their own member post. But, I can’t guarantee that would work.

      A while back I started working on an extension to tie together user accounts with the member directory and to allow users to submit and edit their own directory listings (along with a setting to let the admin approve listings before they appear in the directory). But, since these PTA plugins are not very popular, and I rarely sell any extensions for them, that got put on the shelf when I got busy with several large paying development jobs. I may dig that up and finish it some day, but it’s not high on my priority list.

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