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      Theresa Nan

      Hi I have no idea how to enable my client to import from excel into your plugin database to make it easy for the non-for-profit community soccer club. They have at least 50 games a day and need to add all of these into your plugin and as it is volunteers I need to make it easy for them to import from their excel sheet. Thank you 🙂

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      Theresa Nan

      Would this help Hi would this work for import? Data tables

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      Stephen Sherrard

      If you wish to discuss the custom programming of an importer that fits your needs, you can email me privately. My current rates for custom programming is $100 USD per hour. That’s not a simple thing to do. The data for the plugin is split across 3 database tables, one for sheets, one for tasks, and one for signups. So, it’s not a simple 1-to-1 mapping of data to database table rows.

      Best way right now, if they have lots of games and need pretty much the same tasks/items for each game, is to create a sheet with all the tasks set up, and then just copy that sheet as many times as needed and change the title and dates as needed.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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