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      Have an event set up with an event chair, we’ll call her When the reminder email cron report email is sent letting us know who received reminders, does not get a copy of that email. It is only sent to the PTO president, A copy of the email received is pasted at the bottom (with fake email addresses inserted)

      — is NOT sent as a cc recipient in the general plugin settings (nobody is) — she is the TO recipient
      — IS set as the primary email for this WP installation, and she is the *sender* of emails from the site
      —we have a mail plugin installed, WP Better Emails, which formats emails generated by WordPress, but that should not affect who receives these emails

      Any thoughts?


      ——— Forwarded message ———-
      From: “Valley Forge Elementary School PTO” <>
      Date: Nov 11, 2015 4:55 PM
      Subject: Volunteer Signup Reminders sent

      Valley Forge Elementary School PTO Parent-Teacher Organization for the Valley Forge Elementary School
      Thank you for registering to volunteer with the Valley Forge Middle School PTO!

      Your username and generated password are listed below. Please keep this information for future reference.
      Volunteer signup sheet CRON job has been completed.

      1 reminder emails were sent.

      Messages Sent:

      To: XXXXX

      Dear XXXXXX,

      This is to remind you that you volunteered for the following:

      Event: Music Recording Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet
      Task/Item: Day 5 Mrs. Riley-AM
      Date: N/A
      Start Time: 10:55 am
      End Time: 11:25 am
      Item you are bringing: N/A
      Item Quantity: 1

      If you have any questions, please contact:

      Thank You!
      Valley Forge Elementary School PTO

      Click the link above to log in using your new username and password. Upon login, you will be returned to the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheets page where you can then sign up to volunteer.

      You can at any time view all of your active sign-ups by logging in and clicking the Sign-Ups link at the top of any page of the PTO website.
      When logged in, you can also edit or cancel your volunteer sign-ups.

      If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us using our form at Thank you for your support of the PTO!

      Valley Forge Elementary School PTO Board
      Date Email sent November 11, 2015 @ 4:55 pm
      Contact For any requests, please contact

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      Stephen Sherrard

      First, that reminders sent email is only supposed to go to the admin email, to let them know that the reminders have been sent, and it includes a copy of which emails have been sent (copied in the body, and the email the real reminder was sent to is the TO address, which you have XXXX’d out).

      There are two settings in the main settings for the plugin which determine if the admin gets those CRON emails:
      Enable CRON Notifications? turns them on or off
      Detailed Reminder Notifications? when enabled this includes the entire reminder emails (all the ones that were sent) in the body of the CRON notification.

      That email is purely informational for the site admin, so you know that the CRON system is doing its job and sending the reminder emails.

      The reminder emails that the CRON function sends out are NOT CC’d to anyone unless you have set the global CC email address. So, only the volunteers should get those emails, and they are sent out one at a time, individually.

      So, unless I’m missing something, it appears everything is working as programmed.

      It appears that you are wanting these CRON notifications to be sent to the program chairs also? If so, then that is not a bug, because it wasn’t programmed that way. You could certainly add that to the feature requests section. Chairs get CC’d already whenever somebody signs up, but they are not copied on system admin emails, which that CRON email is treated as.

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      Hi Stephen,

      Ah, ok, thank you for the explanation. I will let the board know that this is how it should work.

      Think the bigger issue we have is organizational; who should be set as the “admin email” for the PTO. The president of the PTO is currently set as admin — but she is not involved in the website operations, so doesn’t want all of the notifications (across all plugins) that are sent. But, does not want a volunteer (as opposed to a board member) being the site Admin. Can’t seem to find a balance of the two.

      Thanks for the reply!

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