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      Ralph Lauren

      Thanks for your plugin that works great until now !!!!!!!!!!
      Do you have an idea if it s possible thru another plugin to add reminder by sms (on phones).
      Hope you understand my query. Maybe if it s not possible thru another plugin, i think it could be a great feature for you plugin.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      SMS is not something you can do directly from WordPress. You have to go through a gateway service first, for which you would need an account and have to pay for (most likely).

      Very quick Google search shows there is at least one plugin that will send SMS if you have an account with one of their supported gateways:

      But, this belongs in the feature request section, and is not something I would spend my time programming for free unless there was a huge demand for it. Most people using my free plugins don’t want to pay anything at all, so I doubt that they would ever pay to have an account with an SMS gateway service.

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