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      Kym Costanzo

      Hi Stephen,

      I’m using your Sign Up Sheets plugin now on two client sites. The system is great, but we have a nagging issue that we really need a fix for. When a cc email is entered on the email settings page, it can never be deleted!

      Noticed it on the new (2nd client site). The person we had entered to be cc’d on all confirmation emails was annoyed at the volume of email and asked to be removed. I did so – then got another notice that the confirmations were still being cc’d. I knew I removed the email – but I went in and checked, sure enough, it was still there. I deleted the email address; hit save; and the email address is still there in the field.

      So I went to my other client site to see if the same thing happens there. Sure enough, I tried to delete the field – hit save – it still remains. That will be a problem in a month, as that email address is for a volunteer who is leaving at the end of the school year and it’s her personal email address.

      Incidentally – you can CHANGE the email address, but it cannot be deleted. I even tried entering a space to trick it – but then I get an error.

      Thanks for any help you can provide with this.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Hi Kym,

      Thanks for letting me know. Looking at my code, I see that I had already put something in there to allow that field to be blank a while back, but either I missed something then or there might be a recent change in the WordPress Settings API that now needs another line of code to make it work right. I have fixed it and will release the updated version in a few minutes.

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        Kym Costanzo

        Thank you Stephen!!


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