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      Maria Bennetti

      Hi Stephen- I am a newbie and am taking over our volunteer site for our school. It was set up great, the PTA sign-up sheet plug in is awesome. I have added new pages and new sheets and am having trouble getting specific sheets to show up on specific pages. I used the short code button and specified the group but it keeps showing all of the active sheets on the page not just the group that I specified. Any suggestions?


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      Stephen Sherrard

      Hi Maria,

      Have you read through the documentation on the plugins?

      I just did a test on my dev system with newest versions of everything, including the new WordPress release, and everything still works correctly.

      Please note that you have to set up groups first, and then go back and edit the sheets and assign them to the groups, or to “none” if you don’t want a sheet to show up in any group, or “all” if you want a sheet to show up in each group. When using the group shortcode, make sure you spell the group name exactly the same as you did when you defined it in the groups settings.

      Do you have a current/active license and the latest versions of the plugins?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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