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      vivienne flower

      Hi there

      I am using the PTA plugins. I have set up a number of sheets and tasks and volunteers are signed up. I have chosen integration with member directory.

      In the signups sheets I have sign ups for
      A Mr Jones
      B Mr Evans
      C Mrs James and Mr Brown.

      so I can see the shortcodes for the member directory – but that doesnt seem to dynamically populate from the sign-ups – is it supposed to? is my website.

      I appreciate that this is free and so if you don’t get to answer, all good Viv

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      Stephen Sherrard

      It doesn’t integrate in that way. The integration simply allows you to specify a “Position” or individual member from the member directory (that you have already entered separately) to be the contact for a sign-up sheet (the “committee chairs”), and then the link generated for the chairs contact will take them to the member directory contact form with the correct individual or position already selected.

      Please see the documentation:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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