SUS + Member Directory bug?

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      Jim Klo


      I think I found a bug or the feature isn’t documented.

      I have the integration between SUS and Member directory. I’ve created a position and assigned a user. For each event in SUS, I’ve assigned the Chair position to be the user in the Member directory.

      Now if I go into SUS settings and uncheck Hide chair contact info from public?.

      On the public side of the SUS event, it just says “No Event Chair contact info provided”.

      How to I fix this so the Event Chair contact info displays?

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      Stephen Sherrard

      You need to go into the “Integration Settings” tab of the SUS settings page, and select the page where your member directory shortcode exists, or the member directory contact form shortcode exists (or both). If you don’t have at least one of those set, then you will see that message as the SUS plugin won’t know what page to link to for the chair contact links.

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