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    Uriel Guerrero


    I’m about to purchase the plugin as it has exactly the function that I’ve been looking for, in order to customize my online offers individually for our customers.

    There is another bit of that customization level: it is taxation. I need to create individual taxes (not in groups as WooCommerce manages them) and then to assign those taxes (one or more at the same time) within product edit page. The way it works as everybody knows, is to select only one class of pre-configured taxes.

    Then I need to select, at a individual customer or role level, which one customers or groups of them, should be subjects to that custom taxes (as a whole) for their orders. I understand that the plugin already allows to do that.

    So the question is: do you know about any third party plugin or extension that has that function and is full compatible with User Role Pricing?


    Uriel G

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    Stephen Sherrard

    I have not seen any other plugins that allow you to assign different taxes by user or role.

    We can certainly discuss custom programming something for you if you’re unable to find an existing solution.

    I’m away on vacation through the end of the week with limited internet, but would be happy to discuss this with you after that.

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    Uriel Guerrero

    Sounds great if this functionality is deployed as a customized plugin or an extension of yours. Please let me know a quotation for the development.


    Uriel G

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    Stephen Sherrard

    Not sure if this fits your needs, but, if you haven’t seen it yet, my Wholesale Ordering plugin allows you to define a separate tax class that can be used for wholesale customers. If you use the 2 plugins together, Wholesale Ordering and User Role Pricing, you can decide which roles are treated as wholesale, and they will use the tax class you set for wholesale.

    So, that gives you 2 different tax classes that you can use. 1 for retail customers, and 1 for wholesale customers. If you need more than that, we would have to discuss custom programming.

    Also, I’m sure you’re aware, but within each tax class you can specify different taxes based on location, so you can narrow it down to Country, State, City, or even zip code, with a different tax rate (and name) for each. So, if your customers are in different cities, or postal codes, you can create a rate for them by setting up a tax rate for each postal code or city.

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