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    joe mitchell

    I’ve used PTA Volunteer Sigh-up Sheets on the web page http://www.seafordyachtclub.com for years. I’m rebuilding/rewriting the web page. It will go on a different host and it will have WordPress 5.X. Right now it appears the PTA Volunteer plugin has not been tested for compatibility. I installed it and tried it, but after editing the sheet I did not automatically get the option “Edit Tasks”. I deactivated and uninstalled it right away, afraid I might mess up something in my website “under construction”. So, do you plan to make it 5.X compatible?



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    Stephen Sherrard

    It’s working just fine with WordPress 5.1.1. I just haven’t made any updates to the plugin since WP 5 was released, so have not had a chance to update the “tested up to” value. Just retested on my dev site before writing this, running latest versions of everything, and no problems at all.

    Try to deactivate and reactivate to make sure the database tables were setup correctly. Otherwise, could be a conflict with some other plugin?? Try disabling all other plugins to see if it works correctly, and then re-enable one by one until you find the one that makes it not work. Only thing I can think of is if some other plugin is intercepting html form posts and trying to process the sheet form, but I’ve never run into anything like that before.

    May need to also turn on debug and see if you are getting any PHP errors or warnings/notices.

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