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      Lara Robertson

      We would like to use your plugin to set minimum product pricing by category and user role. For example, the minimum quantity would only be for the wholesale price (determined by user role) for these specific categories.

      Can this plugin do that? I tried to get it to work on the demo but I wasn’t able to find the settings I needed.


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      Stephen Sherrard

      Hi Lara,

      Yes, the User Role Minimums plugin allows you to create quantity minimums for categories, and then assign those by roles or individual users.

      If it’s not completely obvious, you need to set up “sets” of category minimums first, where you can then add as many categories as you want and specify a min and/or max quantity for each. You then can assign that set of category minimums to roles or individual users.

      It’s also explained in the documentation here:

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