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      Mr Man


      Everything about this plugin is what I am looking for except I cannot see that it is possible to define the matching conditions of the rules put in place. I need to set my store to enforce a minimum quantity OR price in the basket, only one has to be met. However the plugin seems to need both to be met with no facility to change it.

      Am I overlooking something, is this possible?

      Many thanks

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Second paragraph of the documentation here:

      If you use both Order Quantity and Order Amount minimums, you can choose if the operator for those values is “AND” or “OR”. “AND” means both order minimum conditions must be met to check out, while “OR” means they only need to meet one condition. Version 2.1 also adds optional maximum values for the order amount and order quantity minimums sets. If a maximum value is set (amount or quantity), that is treated as a hard limit and the customer can not checkout if they exceed the maximum value for order amount or order quantity.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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