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      Carley Morrow

      Hi Stephen,

      I’m creating a site for an artist who wishes to sell to the general public and two other discounted roles; Wholesale (ie resellers) and Corporate (eg hotels).

      There are small differences in the product for each role:

      * General public : fully mounted art
      * Wholesale : flat & unmounted
      * Corporate : unknown (I’m not sure about this one)

      What would be the best way to accomplish the differences in product description with your plugins, if it is possible.

      Many Thanks

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      Stephen Sherrard

      My plugins do not alter the product descriptions for different users or roles, they only alter the price and whether or not a product is visible. I don’t know of any plugins that allow you to change the product description based on the user, although I believe it would be possible to do via programming.

      If you were to use my plugins, such as the User Role Pricing plugin (in conjunction with the Wholesale Ordering plugin, if you also want those features), you would essentially have to create 3 of each product, and only enter the corresponding custom price for each product, and then use the option to HIDE products without a price. This would be a work around solution, but would do what you want. So, you would have the regular WooCommerce price, and then set up 2 custom prices (wholesale and corporate) with the plugin.
      Then, you create one version of the product that is available to the general public, and use the WooCommerce regular price field for that one.
      Then, create another wholesale version of the product where you only enter a wholesale price (leave other prices blank), and make sure wholesale prices are assigned to customers with the “Wholesale Customer” role (or whatever role you are using for them). If you then set the “Hide” option for products with no prices, then that product will be hidden from everyone except for users that are logged in to a Wholesale Customer role account.
      Same thing for the corporate… create a corporate price field and enter only that price for the third version of the product, and have another user role for your corporate customers.
      If you use User Role Pricing in conjunction with Wholesale Ordering, then the Wholesale Customer role will already be created for you, along with the wholesale price fields. In addition, Wholesale Ordering gives you a “wholesale only” check box for products you can check, and then those products will only be visible/available to wholesale customers (if you set the options appropriately). Then, in User Role Pricing you would just create the Corporate role and then you could also set the corporate versions of the products to “wholesale only” and set it so that Corporate customers are also treated as wholesale customers. Just another way of doing it, although you could do it entirely with just the User Role Pricing plugin and the “hide” option for products that have no price for the current user.

      Otherwise, if you want to do it all with just one product, you could still use User Role Pricing to create different prices for each customer type for one product. At that point, I would suggest in the main product editor that you create a generic description of the product that works for all 3 roles, and then you have a programmer (such as myself) create a small add-on plugin that inserts some custom text somewhere on the product page to describe the mounting option based on the current customer’s role. Wouldn’t be too hard to do or too expensive if all the products are essentially the same, so you could use the same hard-coded text for the mounting options. If the options need to be different (or not shown) for some products, then it would take a bit more time to program some extra custom fields for each product where you could add the text required for each of the customer roles.

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      Carley Morrow

      Thanks Stephen – I’ll check in with her and see if that (your small add-on plugin) would give her enough control 🙂

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