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      Michael Sables

      Hi Stephen,

      I’m using your Wholesale ordering plugin and I think it’s great.

      I would however like the option to be able to display product quantities to some users, and not display quantities to some users.
      Under woocommerce>settings>products, there is an option to globally display product quantities, which I am not so interested in. Ideally displaying no quantities to users with a certain access level would be great.

      Guest – display no product quantites
      Wholsale user (trusted) – display product quantities
      Wholesale user (who I don’t want to know what I have in stock) – use “only display when low in stock” woocommerece default

      Is this doable with something I’ve overlooked? or Do you have any plans to implement this?



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      Stephen Sherrard

      Hi Michael,

      Somehow your message got marked as spam, so just now seeing it.

      My plugin does not currently have any features to do that, and mine doesn’t interact with inventory levels at all. This is not a feature I have thought of, and thus have not planned.

      If this is something you are needing, please contact me privately so we can discuss what it might cost to do something like that for you. If the appropriate Woocommerce hooks are already in place for showing or hiding that information, I could probably throw something together in under an hour to show or hide that info based on user type or capability. However, my plugin doesn’t currently have a “trusted” wholesale user type, so you would probably need to copy my wholesale customer role to another role and give it a “trusted” capability that can be checked programmatically.

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