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    Your plugin sounds so close to what I am looking for, can you please let me know if it can do this:

    Logged in Customers as well as guests would be able to purchase single products at retail price, but hide single items from wholesale customers.
    Need to be able to have different Retailer and Distributor prices. They will be buying the same product count, i.e. 6 pack instead of a single item.

    So in all I need 3 price points, two of which will be required to buy in case counts instead of single items.

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    Stephen Sherrard

    Hi Mike,

    If I understand correctly, then, yes, you can do that with my plugin.

    Wholesale Customers need to be logged into an account with the Wholesale Customer role in order to see wholesale prices. There is an option in my plugin that will allow you to hide products from wholesale customers if those products do not have a wholesale price set. Of course, nothing prevents them from viewing those products the same way any retail/guest customer would see if they log out of their wholesale account, but they won’t see wholesale prices either if they are not logged in.

    The wholesale plugin adds a separate wholesale price field to each product, so that is separate from the price that retail customers will see for the same product. If there are certain products that you ONLY want wholesale customers to see, then there is a “Wholesale Only” checkbox for each product that will allow you to hide those products from retail customers or customers who are not logged in.

    So, using a combination of what I mentioned above, you can set up separate products for wholesale and retail customers that will be hidden from each other, and have their own prices.

    If by “different Retailer and Distributor prices” you mean 2 different wholesale type prices for “wholesale only” type products, then, no, my plugin can’t do that directly as it has only one wholesale price field. However, if one of them gets some type of discount, you could always create a discount/coupon code for that customer that they could use at checkout.

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    Yes, there would be two different wholesale price points. Distributor gets a bigger discount than Retailer.

    How difficult do you think it would be to add the third level of pricing? This is the only thing holding me back from purchasing.

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    Stephen Sherrard

    Hi Mike,

    It would not be “difficult”, but would not be quick & easy either. There’s quite a lot more involved than simply adding another field. It would certainly take much more time to implement and thoroughly test than the $50 I would lose if this is what’s holding you back from making the sale.

    Of course, I can always be hired to do custom programming, and could create a custom version for you. I’m doing something for a large Canadian auto parts company where we have 5 different types of roles, each with their own pricing options, although in that plugin all prices are calculated based on either “list” or “cost” price, and a multiplier for each role type (and also individual users)… so, it’s quite a bit different in how it works than my wholesale plugin.

    I get way too many feature requests, and have already made the plugin more complex than it was intended to be by doing the completely independent tax settings that a German client needed (and paid for my time to code those features).

    There is simply no way that I can please everyone and put every feature request into the plugin, without it getting too complex and bogging the system down.

    Right now I’m in the middle of working on version 2 of the plugin, which will greatly simplify some of the code, and hopefully improve compatibility with other plugins. Lots of changes in the newer versions of Woocommerce, plus some feedback from the guys at Woothemes, have helped me find some simpler/better ways of doing some of the tax stuff. That’s the main purpose of this next release — to refactor and simplify the code, as well as a few minor new features along with compatibility with WPML and some other plugins.

    At this time I’m not considering adding any more features until version 2 is released and stable. However, please add any and all feature requests to that section of the forum here, as I do review those and may add features that I think will benefit many users in the future.

    In the meantime, though, you may want to look at the Dynamic Pricing extension. Although that plugin is not compatible with mine (although I’m in talks with the developer to try to figure something out), it has much more flexible pricing schemes, including role/user based pricing and discounts, that may be closer to what you need. I don’t think it has the ability to hide products from certain users, but perhaps there is a way you can prevent certain users from buying certain products (can’t say for certain, though).

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful right now.

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    I understand not adding it just for one sale…that’s not what I was implying. More of a how long would it take you if you were paid to do kind of thing.

    I have looked at the dynamic pricing plugin and I don’t think it does what I want exactly. I already have the visibility plugin, that isn’t working the way I want it to either. It lacks the ability to sell to guests, once you activate the roles based capability. Written by the same person who wrote the Dynamic Pricing plugin.

    Woo has been very slow is replying and helping me implement some custom code to make it work. I think it’s quite a flaw in the plugin to not be able to have a guest purchase. I think having a “login to see price” showing will lose retail customers.

    Will you be offering the one with 5 roles you mentioned, here on your site when it is done?

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    Stephen Sherrard

    As far as how long it would take to do something custom, that would be something that we could discuss privately, as I would need to get a lot more details on how you would want it to work, and figure out which other features of the plugin you would want duplicated for another role so that the settings could be independent, and which features could use the same settings for both of the new roles. Taxes enabled/disable, tax rates, tax display settings, shipping enabled/disabled, payment enabled/disabled, coupons enabled/disabled, wholesale messages, etc… right now those are all set to apply to the wholesale customer role. If there is another role added with its own price, then we have to decide if they get separate settings for all those other things as well.

    If it’s only one additional price field for the additional role, and everything else stays the same, then I could probably get that code put together and tested in one solid day of work, since a lot of it will be copy and paste, but there will be additional logic required all over the place where prices are shown and totals calculated to determine which price should be used.

    As far as the other pricing plugin that I’m currently in the middle of developing, it’s a small part of a very large and complex system we are putting together for the client, and much of what would be “options” is hard coded for the client, but I have already thought about breaking that out into its own plugin and making it more flexible with options/settings, to sell to the general public. Can’t say when that would be yet. Still working on that big project and hope it have it mostly wrapped up by the end of next week.

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    Sent you an email.

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    Tom Mason


    Sorry to jump on this thread but it is extremely similar to my dilemma in purchasing.
    I thought about just giving each wholesale customer their own discount code of sorts, but don’t want them to have to rely on/remember it.

    I have several wholesale customers, several with different price breaks due to their unique situations and volume. I wish there was a way to create more customer types; wholesale1, wholesale2, wholesale3, etc. With their own preset discount off ($ or %) of the “wholesale price” or even the retail price set on each product.

    This is by far the closest plugin I have found for my needs, but just missing that one thing…

    We may need to hire you as well, unless we could team up with the original poster for the project if it isn’t too late…


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    Stephen Sherrard

    I’m getting close to releasing Version 2 of the Wholesale Ordering plugin, which, among other things, has several hooks in place for extensions. That should be out by next week.

    My next project will be to take the multi-role and user pricing system I developed for the big auto-parts store, and either package that as its own plugin, or use that as the basis for some sort of user/role based discount add-on for the wholesale ordering plugin.

    I’m open to suggestions and feature requests. If I create it as an add-on for the wholesale ordering plugin, I might be able to get it out a bit faster, since a lot of the framework already exists in the wholesale ordering plugin, and I have already created the code for user/role based pricing for the auto-parts store.

    If I create it as an add-on, then you could specify, per role, the base price for each role (either regular or wholesale), and a multiplier that is applied to the base price. If the user’s pricing is set at default settings, then they get whatever is set up for their role. If you specify a base price and multiplier for a specific user, then those override the role settings. For the auto-parts store, we set up 5 roles to fit their needs. If I turn it into an extension, I would probably set it up so you can specify the settings for any existing role, and maybe add something to create custom roles.

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    Tom Mason

    That would be outstanding! We would definitely purchase a solution like these. An add-on would be great. Thank you Stephen for you amazingly fast reply!

    Also, for now, like the auto-parts store, 5 would probably be enough for us, but the option for more or unlimited would be fantastic!

    Is there any way I could be notified as soon as you roll something like this out? Otherwise I can keep checking. I’d like to find a solution soon, but I’m already kinda sold on your solutions. 🙂

    Thanks and great work!

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    Stephen Sherrard

    Hi Tom,

    Sign-up for my mailing list, or follow me on twitter –> see the right sidebar.

    I don’t send out large amounts of marketing spam or anything like that… just use those to notify my customers of major updates and new releases.

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