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    Susan Starkman


    When I look at the calendar pages there is no MOnth title. It displays the actual dates but not the month title. Also how can the user navigate to the next few months from that calendar page?

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    Stephen Sherrard

    Most likely this is some CSS styling issue with your theme or another plugin that is either hiding the divs that show that info, or possibly another element is overlapping (like a large header area).

    Best way is to use the View Source or Inspect Element feature of your browser and find the month title and navigation arrows, and look to see if their display is being hidden or made much smaller by some other CSS (depending on the browser, you can see which CSS file is being used for each CSS rule applied to an element), or check out the elements above it (such as header areas or other content near the top of the page) to see if those are extending down into the calendar area.

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