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      Kevin Utzy

      We have installed version 1.3.1 of the Calendar Extension. We have two different totally different types of volunteer opportunities that we list on two totally. Different pages. We do not use logins but we do use password protected pages.
      The problem is in the Calendar display, it only links to the sheet in the overall settings page. This is not the desired behavior. We would like it to go to a page where we have the appropriate sheets listed.
      I would be nice to take that setting and make it by sheet. That way the link will go to the appropriate page. It shouldn’t be that hard.
      If you are unwilling to do this, could you please suggest a work around?
      Thanks You.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      I’m not sure I completely understand what you want to do, but this sounds more like a feature request, or custom development job, to me. I don’t think this falls under “shouldn’t be that hard”, as it kind of defeats the whole way the free core plugin works, and it would be a lot of coding to rework how those links works, plus all the admin options/settings, validating, saving, etc, plus some sort of conditional code to determine when to redirect to a different page as opposed to actually showing the sheet details and signup links.

      So, are you wanting some kind of field, for every sheet, to say what page on your site it should go to when someone clicks on a “View & Signup” link for that sheet? Instead of actually viewing the specified sheet details? Then that new page has a shortcode that shows another set of sheets that you have selected to show on that page and they then have to click another “View & Signup” link for one of the sheets in that list, but then somehow ignore that code we just added to redirect to a specified page instead of actually showing the sheet and signup links?

      If you are using the calendar plugin, you can turn off the “view and signup” link, if you don’t want it going to the non-calendar page, and then you can show all the info in pop-up windows instead. You can also set up more than one calendar and specify exactly which sheets to show on every calendar you create, so you could password protect individual calendars if you don’t want some people seeing one.

      Alternately, the way the calendar system is set up, you can copy the templates to your child theme and modify the way things are displayed, including the View Sheet link, if you want to mess around with code to set it up the way you think it should be done. The template you would want to modify is the sheet.php template, and look for the small section that has the commented area that starts with: <!– VIEW SHEET LINK START –>

      Perhaps I’m not understanding what you want, in which case, please feel free to provide a more detailed and clear explanation of how you envision this working.

      This may be more of a custom development job for hire, as I see this as something very specific to your needs, rather than something that would be useful to a lot of users of the plugin.

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      Kevin Utzy

      No, I think I understand what you are saying. Sorry, my wording might have been a little off but you got the meaning. I also understand your possible workarounds too so that was very helpful. Thank you.

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