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      Zachary Baker

      Hi, I just installed the calendar plugin to go with the PTA Sign Up Sheets (amazing plug-in by the way…THANK YOU!) and I’m having some trouble getting it to display. If I make a new calendar and preview the post, I can see it the first time (although it’s missing any sort of navigation buttons), but if I navigate away from that calendar and come back, previewing only shows a 404 message. I’ve tried link the calendar via shortcode and calendar name and also the ID and it’s not showing up at all on the page I’m trying to embed it on. I have it set to view all sheets on the calendar.

      Any suggestions?

      Shortcodes I’ve tried:
      [pta-calendar calendar=”920″]
      [pta-calendar calendar=”Test Calendar”]

      Thanks in advance!

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      Stephen Sherrard

      A few things to look at, most likely conflict with theme CSS for navigation not showing, and maybe some other plugin conflicts if you are getting errors.

      The calendar is its own custom post type, so when you create a calendar and publish it, you should be able to view it via the “View Calendar” link on the calendar (post) edit page. Check to see if it works that way first, because if that’s not working, then you more than likely have a conflict happening somewhere. If that works, but you just don’t see it on pages where you embed the calendar shortcode, then it’s most likely a conflict with another plugin (the first place I would look are any kind of “page builder” plugins, like Elementor of the Visual Bakery Page Builder plugins — often hard to run shortcodes within their “blocks” as my plugin doesn’t see the shortcode in the page content as it’s loading, and so the necessary javascript and CSS are not loaded for that page).

      If you can see a calendar on its own post (not with the shortcode), but you just can’t see the nav bars, then use your browser’s inspect elements to check out the CSS and see what’s hiding the navigation div or arrows. Most likely you’ll have to target the specific elements my plugin creates and use some custom CSS to make those visible or move them to where they aren’t being covered by something else.

      Otherwise, if you still can’t track down the problem, please email me privately and give me a link to the page that’s not working… preferably a direct link to the calendar post, and then also a link to the page with the shortcode, and I can take a quick look to see if there is anything obvious happening with console errors (javascript) or by examining the html. After that, the only other thing would be to give me temporary admin access so I can check settings and see what other plugins might be conflicting. Also, if the page is throwing fatal errors and not fully loading, then maybe turn on WordPress debug temporarily and set it to debug to a log file instead of the screen, and send me the errors that are being generated when you try to load a calendar post or page with shortcode.

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