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      Graeme Duckett


      All the features available in the Wholesale and User Role bundle look like almost everything we need, but we also have different prices depending on geolocated/shipping country. I suspect your wholesale plugin won’t work with any existing country specific pricing plugins, is that a safe assumption? Does that sound like a complicated endeavour to build?

      For example, for each product we would need to be able to define a Retail USD price, Retail CAD price, Wholesale USD price, Wholesale CAD price.

      On a related note, would a plugin that converts prices based on exchange rates likely work instead?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Most likely, my plugins would not work with other plugins that are also changing prices. WooCommerce has filter hooks in place to allow prices to be modified as they are being retrieved, and it depends on whatever other plugin hooks into that last and is the last to modify the price, and that would be the price you see.

      It could work with a plugin that uses an exchange rate and applies it to the price returned if it’s doing that after my plugin has already modified the price based on the user. My plugin works with WPML Multi-currency as well as the Aelia Currency Switcher plugins… I have compatibility code for both of those, although I haven’t tested with newer versions of Aelia (but none of my customers using it have reported any issues). Aelia is much simpler, as it doesn’t have anything to do with translation, just allows you to use multi-currencies. So, you could setup USD and CAD currencies. Then you could either have it do automatic conversion based on exchange rates OR you can enter the price for each currency manually… with my compatibility code, my plugins will create extra price fields for each currency (wholesale price USD, wholesale price CAD, as well as similar currency options for any other prices you create manually with User Role Pricing).

      The other option is to use my User Role Pricing plugin to manually create prices for each currency, but that would only work if the user is logged in and you would have to assign the correct price to them based on their role (or you could also do it on an individual user basis), meaning their account would have to be created first and you would have to assign the proper role so that they get the correct prices. My plugin will NOT alter any retail prices if the user is not logged in (guest user), so you would need some other method to change the default pricing based on geolocation.

      If you already have a specific plugin you are using to alter prices based on location, you can message me privately and send me a download link, and I could take a look at their code to see what it might take to build compatibility with it into my plugin (it would probably be similar to what I do for Aelia, which was actually quite a bit of work).

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