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      Michael Meyer

      Hi there
      If I export my sign up sheet, the day of the date is always missing. Doesn’t matter to CSV, Excel, PDF. How can I fix it?

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Is this a problem with the Calendar display? I don’t see that you have a license for the calendar extension, so not sure why you are posting this in the calendar extension support forum. As stated at the top of every support forum here in a bold sticky post, the support for the main free plugin is at the site for it, so that I can keep all support topics for it in one place:

      As far as the day not showing, please check the date format in your WordPress settings (not my plugin settings). You set the date format on the Settings > General page in your WordPress dashboard. My plugin will always display the date in whatever format you have set there. So, if you have a format set that only shows the month and the year, then that’s all you see anywhere my plugin displays a date.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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