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      We are using the sign up sheet function, and really liking it, but right as we are about to go live with sign ups for parent teacher conferences, we noticed a big glitch!

      We have 8 individual sheets (for 8 teachers) on one page, and when you click on the sign up portion for a given time and teacher, the page it takes you do has 8 identical sign up boxes, all for the same teacher and time.

      I’m assuming it has something to do with having multiple sheets on one page, but is there a way to get rid of this? It potentially is quite confusing. No page is checked for anything more than one sign up per time slot.

      Here’s the page in question.

      Thanks so much!
      Carey H

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      Stephen Sherrard

      It’s not a glitch, you just need to modify your settings a bit. The shortcodes are not aware of each other, so if you stay on the same page when you click a sign-up link, every shortcode you have on the page (8 of them in your case), is going to do its job and generate a sign-up form for the sheet & task id in the URL.

      You need to set up one other page with just the main shortcode all by itself (which would list all your sheets in a simple table, and is also used to show user’s which tasks they have signed up for and allow them to clear themselves). Then, in the settings for the sign-up sheets, select the new page (that only has one shortcode on it) in the Volunteer Sign Up Page select box, and save your settings. After that, when somebody clicks on a sign-up link on any of those individual sheets you have on the other page, they will be redirect to the main sign-up page and there will only be one sign-up form (since there is only one shortcode there).

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