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      Trish Dardine


      I seem to have configured something wrong and want to get this working before I upgrade to the premium version – The sign up forms appear perfectly, but when I click “sign up ” I am brought to the directory, but can’t do anything past that.

      I must be doing something wrong – any guess as to what it is?

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Hi Trish,

      I can’t view your sign-up page because you have it set where people must be logged in to view it.

      Also, I want to double-check to make sure you are using my PTA Sign-Up Sheets plugin, and NOT the other Sign-Up sheets plugin from DLS software. They started life as the same plugin, so they are similar, but I branched my plugin off from their free plugin several years ago because we needed different features for our PTA web site.

      The reason I am double-checking is because you mentioned upgrading to the “premium” version. My plugin has no “premium” upgrade. DLS software has a “PRO” version of their sign-up sheets plugin. Mine has the free version that you get from, and then I have some Extensions for it that I sell on this site that simply add additional features, but they do NOT replace the free plugin (they require it to work).

      As far as your specific problem, I can’t really tell what is going on without having access to the sign-up sheets on your site to see how the link arguments are being generated and to see exactly what is happening when you click on things.

      A couple of suggestions come to mind, though:
      1. Make sure you select the main sign-up sheet page where you put the basic shortcode in the settings where it says “Volunteer Sign Up Page”. There is a drop down box there where you can select the page that you put the sign-up sheet shortcode on. That really should only matter if you are using different short codes to show specific sheets on different pages of your site, as it needs to know that main page to redirect to in order to generate the sign-up forms.
      2. Possibly try a different permalink structure. Maybe you changed things since I first looked at it, but when I first went to the link you gave, the argument for the sheet id was encoded with the html entity version of the “&”. I just checked it again, though, and it looks fine now… so maybe you are playing around with the settings now.

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        Trish Dardine

        Thanks so much for your detailed response and the clarification on the premium vs. add-ons. It’d definitely -your- plug in that I want to extend…especially now that you helped me figure out what I was doing wrong. Suggestion 1 solved my problem, and it works like a charm.

        Thank you SO much.

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