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      Thomas Maes


      I read through the material here and thought I’d set everything up ok, but apparently not:
      – I have a “Helfercentre” page that lists all the helper infos, as well as all open signupsheets: This includes the shortcode: [pta_sign_up_sheet id=”” date=”” group=”” list_title=”” show_headers=”yes” show_time=”no” show_phone=”no” order_by=”last_date” order=”ASC”] to show these sheets
      – I’ve set up (and referred to in the settings) a central registrierungs page: with the shortcode[pta_sign_up_sheet id=”” date=”” group=”” list_title=”” show_headers=”yes” show_time=”yes” show_phone=”no” order_by=”first_date” order=”ASC”]
      – The listing of the sheets works absolutely fine. Only when I click on the “signup now” or on the event link, it sometimes goes to a blank calendar like: and doesn’t show the signup sheets. (first event on page).
      – however, sometimes it works and goes to:

      => this linking to “standard kalendar” appears to be the case, when I override the default calendar in the event? So it works with the default calendar, doesn’t work with the customised one?

      Generally speaking, signup would happen through the events themselves, which are handled over the events calendar with a shortcode insert. That also works fine.

      Thanks for your help in this – really appreciated!

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      Stephen Sherrard

      I’m not sure I understand what issue you are having.

      When you create a new calendar, you can select only specific sheets that it will show, or it can be set to show all sheets (default). If you set a calendar to show only a specific sheet, then you should also edit that sheet and make sure the “View With Calendar” selection is the same as that sheet that’s only showing that one event. If you don’t want those links to go to a calendar, then you need to make sure the “View With Calendar” select on the Edit Sheet page is set to “No Calendar View”, and then it goes to the regular sign up page (your last link).

      The only thing at this point I can confirm is that the option in the general calendar options page that says “Jump to first date for sheet view links” no longer appears to be working with newer versions of WordPress, and it’s just opening the calendar in the current month. So, then it appears they calendar is “blank”, but if you jump ahead to a the month with the signup sheets, it was showing when I tested your link (the one with ?sheet_id=30).

      That is something I need to take a look at and release a fix for as soon as I can figure out what’s going on there.

      Otherwise, if I’m not understanding your issue, please try to explain a different way.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Note that I released version 1.4 yesterday which fixed an issue with the link not always jumping to the start date on the calendar (some very specific options need to be set to do that), and updated a couple of other small things (licensing system mostly).

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