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      Vicki Bengeult

      I have two sheets displaying on one calendar. The first sheet contains tasks with associated times that vary, but are all between 9am-5:00pm and sign-ups. The second sheet has no-signup events with evening times (5:00pm – 8:00pm). On the calendar, the evening times show up before the morning times. Is there a way to make the calendar display the events in chronological order so that the daytime tasks appear before the evening events?


      Edit: I think I see a way. I can assign a color group and the sort order. That should work ok.

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      Stephen Sherrard

      Yes, I added the color groups and sort order for another client who wanted a better way to arrange the way the sheets are arranged on the calendar.

      Otherwise, events are shown on the calendar by sheets, and then there is a loop within each sheet to show the tasks for that sheet. Those tasks for each sheet will be shown in the order you have them arranged for that sheet (you can drag and drop tasks to arrange them in the order you want). But, the way the calendar works right now, I can’t intersperse tasks between sheets to get them to appear in chronological order. I could only do that if I change the way the calendar works, and instead of showing sheet info, I ONLY get all the tasks for the date and then I could sort them by time, although tasks are not required to have a start or end time.

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