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      Michael McGuire


      First, thanks for your plugins. I appreciate your work and time (and your support in these forums). I just purchased the Calendar Display Add On and I see that the calendar shows expired events even when the option in the main plugin is set to “automatically clear expired signups”. They do not appear on the sign-up sheet (expected behavior), but they remain on the calendar display. I would like them to be cleared. Any assistance here is much appreciated.



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      Stephen Sherrard

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your post. However, either I’m misunderstanding what you are saying, or perhaps you are misunderstanding the settings?

      To be clear, the setting that you check to “automatically clear expired signups”, will setup a CRON function on WordPress that should run about once an hour (depending on how much traffic your web site gets, as WordPress CRON is not a true server CRON). That function, if it actually gets triggered, will delete old signups from the signup table in your database. Those are the actual signups, when a volunteer fills out the form. That does NOT, however, clear the sheet or tasks. That’s an important distinction. If you go to the admin side, you’ll still see ALL the sheets you created, even for events that have long since passed, until you actually delete them (you can copy old sheets to new ones, if you have an event that happens more than once, for example, so you may not want them to be deleted).

      On the public side, the main list of signup sheets is only set to show sheets/events and tasks that are either “Ongoing” or have not passed yet. However, the calendar allows you to go back to view previous months, and so you will still see the sheets/events on the calendar, but if your site is running the CRON correctly, and you have that option set, you should NOT be able to see any signups for those old events because they should have been deleted from that database table.

      So, if what you really meant was that you are still seeing the sheets/events on past months in your calendar, that is not a bug, and that was intended (the person who hire me to develop that calendar display initially specifically wanted that, as well as several other people… you can see past events on most calendars, such as Google calendar).

      But, if you had your calendar set to show people who signed up for something, and you are still seeing those in the calendar for events in the past, then something is happening on your server where those signups are not getting cleared from the database. If you have something like PHP MyAdmin to view your database, take a look at the (wp_)pta_sus_signups database table and see if there are signups in that table with a date that has already past. If so, then something on your server is preventing the CRON function from running and thus not deleting those old signups. I just took a look at the database on my dev system to make sure my old signups were still getting deleted on a regular basis, and they are all gone (as expected).

      Anyway, please let me know if I’m not understanding your situation correctly. If I can reproduce the situation, I’ll certainly fix it. But, showing events on past months is a “feature”, and not a bug.

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