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      Don Bailey

      Many thanks for a set of great tools.

      I am having one problem that I cannot seem to resolve, namely on the calendars, the next link is appearing on the far left hand side of the screen, not as expected on the rhs after the current month. Have you any idea why this may be happening for me. Looking on the demo images, they have the arrow in the right place. I have tried copying the php and css files for the ccalendar plugin to the child-theme described folder, and they are being seen there as changes made to the css file are visible on the calendar, but have not been able to “relocate” the next arrow in the correct position.

      Many thanks
      Don Bailey

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      Stephen Sherrard

      My best guess is that another plugin, or possibly your theme, has some conflicting CSS for the element, or one of the parent container elements of the next link.

      Use the “Inspect Element” feature of your browser to look at that element and any of the parent containers, and you should be able to see the CSS that is being applied and where it is coming from. Then, you may need to add your own custom CSS to override the CSS you find for that element, possibly using the !important tag to make sure it can’t be overridden by other CSS.

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      Don Bailey

      Thanks for the reply, I had a feeling it was probably something along those lines, I’ll investigate further. I did try using the Inspect Element tool but not an expert, but explore deeper.

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